Red Hot Press

Procedures we have put in place to make the workshop a Covid – 19 secure environment.

Face coverings;

We require all workshop users to wear either a face mask or face covering. Tutors will be wearing either a face mask/covering or a visor.

Hand washing and hand sanitiser;

We have provided extra hand sanitising points around the workshop. We require all workshop users to wash their hands or sanitise their hands on arrival and on re-entering to the workshop. Workshop users are also encouraged to wash or sanitise their hands regularly during the day.

Social distancing;

We require all workshop users to keep a 2 metre distance from each other and tutors while working in the workshop. Tutors will work with you at this distance while teaching.

Extra cleaning procedures;

Extra cleaning of workshop surfaces, door handles etc takes place at points during the day and the shared toilet has sanitising wipes for workshop users to use.


We are lucky to have a well ventilated workshop, with high ceilings. We have the door open and vents and windows open to achieve good air circulation through the workshop.