Red Hot Press

Professional Development (CPD)

We have worked with many teachers who have come on our courses for their own professional development. Our courses are ideal for teachers who want to learn new skills to take back into the classroom.

Teachers can book onto our scheduled courses - we are happy to invoice your finance office directly - or we can tailor-make a course for groups of teachers from your school or college.

"Thank you so much Sarah for Friday's session - all the trainees loved it and had a fab time!

Hopefully we can do the same next year with a new cohort of trainees!"

Emma Lynch Art Subject Leader Wildern Secondary School Hedge End, Southampton. 2015

CPD for teachers and teacher trainees

We tailor printmaking workshops to the specific needs of school teachers and college tutors. We have worked with college tutors wishing to introduce 'safe etching' to students. We have also worked with schools wishing to develop screen printing in the classroom.

With our experience as teachers in the classroom and tutors in higher education, we are able to advise on printmaking techniques that will translate well to the classroom, give technical advice and talk about printmaking material and equipment suppliers. To enquire about our fees for CPD contact us through our get in contact link at the top of this page.

Image of Sarah Mander giving a demonstration
Teacher trainees from Wildern Secondary School Hedge End, Southampton.

December 2015

Teacher trainees from Wildern Secondary School in Southampton came to the workshop for a session in reduction lino cutting. Following demonstrations, the five trainees produced their own lino cut inspired by typography. We also discussed ways in which printmaking can be used in the classroom.

Image of Sarah Mander giving a demonstration
Luckley House school, Wokingham

October 2013

Teaching staff from Luckley House school in Wokingham spent a day with us exploring screen printing techniques they can use in the classroom. We discussed screen and ink suppliers and screen printing techniques appropriate for the classroom environment.

Talks and demonstrations

We have given talks and demonstrations to a variety of groups including Art Societies, Women's Institutes, school groups and students studying in Further and Higher Education.

Our talks cover a wide range of subjects ranging from a general guide to Printmaking techniques through to setting up and running an Arts Organisation and working as practicing Artists/Printmakers. To enquire about our fees for talks and demonstrations contact us through our enquiry form.

Image of Sarah Mander giving a demonstration
Southampton Arts Society

July 2011

We took a portable print workshop to a meeting of Southampton Arts Society and gave them a demonstration of Drypoint plate making and printing and gave a talk on how we established the workshop and our various activities.

Example drypoint
Art Panel Meeting - Printmaking in Schools

September 2010

During this session we talked about printmaking techniques that can be successfully taught in the classroom. We demonstrated a simple Drypoint printing technique and the group were able to try this technique for themselves. This talk and demonstration was given to secondary school art teachers, college tutors from schools and colleges across Southampton and Education Officers from Southampton Arts & Heritage.

Bookxbinding examples
Inset Training - Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill

September 2010

We ran an after-school Bookbinding session for art teachers so they would be able to pass on the skills in the classroom.

Example of photographic transfer printing
Inset Training - for the Eastleigh Consortium

March 2009

We ran a session in Photographic Transfer printing for the Eastleigh Consortium of Art Teachers enabling teachers to go back to schools with new skills to pass on to students.

Example of an etching
Inset Training for teaching staff at Eastleigh college

August 2009

We ran a course in Safe Etching for tutors at Eastleigh college. Giving them an experience of the technique so that they could offer it to their students. We also gave them advice on suppliers of printmaking equipment, materials and good workshop practice.

Example of photographic transfer printing
Inset Training - Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill

October 2009

We ran a session for teaching staff in a new printmaking process called Photographic Transfer printing. The teaching staff were able to try out this technique for themselves, we then went back into school a couple of weeks later to teach this technique to the students.


Team Building Days

We are able to run team building days for your workplace. Why not get out of the office and try your hand at printmaking. We can tailor-make a day to your specific needs which will include lots of fun, experimentation and collaboration. And you will leave with some prints that can go up in your workplace.